Broad Territorial Vision

Creating Synergy Among Tenants

Anticipating Change

Framework For Growth

Leveraging Economies of Scale

Our Focus: Making Your Place Matter

Innovation Pointe Campus is located along Stillwater's southern most entrance into the community. Innovation Pointe Campus isn't just a business park, it is an innovation district that provides a robust roadmap and resources to make your place successful. With the latest in technologies and efficiencies, tenants will see decreases in costs and increases to their bottom line. Success starts at Innovation Pointe Campus. We hope you will join us!

Unique Place

The campus offers distinct characteristics that create an environment that is accessible, projects a positive image, attracts people and encourages a culture of engagement. It as a destination place for people to work, learn, live and play.

Innovation District

IPC uses a place making approach coupled with an emerging model called “innovation districts,” where leading-edge anchor institutions and companies cluster and connect with startups, business incubators and accelerators.

Smart Micro-Community

Harnessing the value of smart technologies and infrastructure offers Innovation Pointe Campus tenants assurance of utilizing and leveraging technologies that lower operational cost and increase overall efficiencies.


True place-making isn’t about staking a claim on a parcel of property,
rather it’s about turning a space into a meaningful experience for
its inhabitants - it’s people oriented and purposeful.

– Maureen Boyer


Innovation Pointe Campus has been developed with the Placemaking model. This model represents a new architectural design for developments, a method of planning that is a more holistic approach and captures the key elements for making place matter. The framework of this model recognizes the need to harness new innovation through a new systematic planning model that creates more value and long-term benefits for all tenants of the Innovation Pointe Campus development area.


Innovation Pointe Campus is positioned as the southern gateway to Stillwater. The Placemaking model is about enabling access within and connecting to additional places like Downtown Stillwater.

Projecting Image

Through distinctive design of facilities and green spaces, Innovation Pointe Campus projects a high quality image for tenants who reside within the business park.

Attracting People

Businesses are competing for top talent and the future workforce is attracted to workplaces that are located within areas that are stimulating, comfortable, interesting and innovative.

Creating a Culture

Innovation Pointe Campus is designed to foster social interaction through both physical outlets and virtual platforms.

Economic Assets

Developing a campus where the firms, institutions and organizations drive, cultivate and support innovation.
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Network Assets

The relationship between campus tenants will also add value to those locating to Innovation Pointe Campus.
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With the convergence of technologies, organizations can now take advantage of Scale through making collective investments vs. independent.
Take Control


Inside the development, businesses will largely depend upon planners to construct a “system of systems” that serve as enablers for future growth, productivity and innovation.


Innovation Pointe Campus consists of nearly 700 acres of development land. Building sites offer a great setting for visibility and accessibility to the public.
Tons of Opotions

Travel Proximity

Stillwater Regional Airport is seven miles from the campus, offering quick access to air travel with direct commercial flights to Dallas, Texas and free parking.


One of the most important ingredients for successful planning
is for people to believe that planning matters — that taking time to think
through and envision the kind of places we want our communities to be in
the future is important, and that time spent developing plans aimed at
fulfilling our deepest aspirations is not wasted.

– Gene Bunnell, Making Places Special

Innovation Pointe Campus Tech Solutions Center

Innovation Pointe Campus: Helping you work smarter

Smart Infrastructure

A networked infrastructure for increased efficiency and higher reliability

Smart Technology

Scaleable and reeplicable technological investments that enable the greatest impact

Smart Ecosystem

Managing complexity through the Innovation Pointe ecosystem of partners

Smart Platform

Success is achieved through a sound business model and execution of high standards

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